Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Throw of MNYC 2013.

We would like to thanks to these amazing people for using our products on MNYC stage.
You got SKEEL'S

 Shaifuddin throw with YoYoSkeel Sense

Raimi throw with YoYoSkeel Stalker2

Alif Haikal throw with YoYoSkeel Stalker

Wazir throw with YoYoSkeel x DN Sparkle.

Ewin Ee throw with YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

Andy Kay throw with YoYoSkeel Sense

Syafill Asyraf throw with YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

Hazim Zainizain throw with YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

Ameen Shahril throw with YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

Ewin Ee throw 3A with YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

Syamel Asri throw with YoYoSkeel Stalker 2 Splash

Hafizuddeen throw with YoYoSkeel Satisfaction

Marcus Ee throw with YoYoSkeel Stalker 2

Thursday, June 6, 2013

YoYoSkeel NEW Exclusive Tees is Back!

Our new Exclusive Splash Tees is now available at our online store and also directly from our proshop Sg Wang Plaza Kuala Lumpur. Get it now. Stock are Limited.

Click Here to purchase.

MNYC Full Results

MNYC 2013 organized by 28Spin and 28DC.

Click HERE for MNYC Full results.

MNYC 2013 Clip by Ewin Ee

Freestyle of MNYC Champion.

The team won 5 titles at MNYC 2013

Congratulation to all winners and participants who braved the competition stage. We would like to thank all 28spin and 28DC  for this great event! MNYC 2013 was a success!

See you all at MNYC 2014!!

Shakeel won the main 1A Divison.

Ewin won 4A Division
Shakeel won the Fast Challenge with the time of 9.09 sec

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exclusive Release. "RAW" Edition

To all followers. We would like to introduce our latest release, the RAW prototype for "Sense", "Satisfaction" and also "Stalker2" is now available for sale. This is the first prototype released before we receive our final production. The different between Prototype and Final version is the aluminum grade which the current prototype we used 7075 aluminum grade, while the final production we used 6061 aluminum grade. The Prototype give more solid feels compare to final version but well, the cost of producing it with 7075 is to high. So, we decided to use 6061 which more affordable for everyone. So, to all fans or collectors of "RAW" yo-yo, do not miss this chance to get this exclusive release. Only 1 unit available for each model. You only get it from our website at Style with Skeel's